Package httptrace

import "net/http/httptrace"

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func WithClientTrace 1.7

func WithClientTrace(ctx context.Context, trace *ClientTrace) context.Context

WithClientTrace基于提供的父ctx返回一个新的上下文. 除了先前在ctx中注册的任何钩子之外,使用返回的上下文发出的HTTP客户端请求还将使用提供的跟踪钩子. 在提供的跟踪中定义的任何挂钩都将首先被调用.

type ClientTrace 1.7

ClientTrace是一组挂钩,可以在传出HTTP请求的各个阶段运行. 任何特定的钩子都可以为零. 可以从不同的goroutine并发调用函数,某些函数可以在请求完成或失败后调用.


有关更多信息,请参见 .

type ClientTrace struct {
    // GetConn is called before a connection is created or
    // retrieved from an idle pool. The hostPort is the
    // "host:port" of the target or proxy. GetConn is called even
    // if there's already an idle cached connection available.
    GetConn func(hostPort string)

    // GotConn is called after a successful connection is
    // obtained. There is no hook for failure to obtain a
    // connection; instead, use the error from
    // Transport.RoundTrip.
    GotConn func(GotConnInfo)

    // PutIdleConn is called when the connection is returned to
    // the idle pool. If err is nil, the connection was
    // successfully returned to the idle pool. If err is non-nil,
    // it describes why not. PutIdleConn is not called if
    // connection reuse is disabled via Transport.DisableKeepAlives.
    // PutIdleConn is called before the caller's Response.Body.Close
    // call returns.
    // For HTTP/2, this hook is not currently used.
    PutIdleConn func(err error)

    // GotFirstResponseByte is called when the first byte of the response
    // headers is available.
    GotFirstResponseByte func()

    // Got100Continue is called if the server replies with a "100
    // Continue" response.
    Got100Continue func()

    // Got1xxResponse is called for each 1xx informational response header
    // returned before the final non-1xx response. Got1xxResponse is called
    // for "100 Continue" responses, even if Got100Continue is also defined.
    // If it returns an error, the client request is aborted with that error value.
    Got1xxResponse func(code int, header textproto.MIMEHeader) error // Go 1.11

    // DNSStart is called when a DNS lookup begins.
    DNSStart func(DNSStartInfo)

    // DNSDone is called when a DNS lookup ends.
    DNSDone func(DNSDoneInfo)

    // ConnectStart is called when a new connection's Dial begins.
    // If net.Dialer.DualStack (IPv6 "Happy Eyeballs") support is
    // enabled, this may be called multiple times.
    ConnectStart func(network, addr string)

    // ConnectDone is called when a new connection's Dial
    // completes. The provided err indicates whether the
    // connection completedly successfully.
    // If net.Dialer.DualStack ("Happy Eyeballs") support is
    // enabled, this may be called multiple times.
    ConnectDone func(network, addr string, err error)

    // TLSHandshakeStart is called when the TLS handshake is started. When
    // connecting to a HTTPS site via a HTTP proxy, the handshake happens after
    // the CONNECT request is processed by the proxy.
    TLSHandshakeStart func() // Go 1.8

    // TLSHandshakeDone is called after the TLS handshake with either the
    // successful handshake's connection state, or a non-nil error on handshake
    // failure.
    TLSHandshakeDone func(tls.ConnectionState, error) // Go 1.8

    // WroteHeaderField is called after the Transport has written
    // each request header. At the time of this call the values
    // might be buffered and not yet written to the network.
    WroteHeaderField func(key string, value []string) // Go 1.11

    // WroteHeaders is called after the Transport has written
    // all request headers.
    WroteHeaders func()

    // Wait100Continue is called if the Request specified
    // "Expect: 100-continue" and the Transport has written the
    // request headers but is waiting for "100 Continue" from the
    // server before writing the request body.
    Wait100Continue func()

    // WroteRequest is called with the result of writing the
    // request and any body. It may be called multiple times
    // in the case of retried requests.
    WroteRequest func(WroteRequestInfo)

func ContextClientTrace 1.7

func ContextClientTrace(ctx context.Context) *ClientTrace

ContextClientTrace返回与提供的上下文关联的ClientTrace. 如果没有,则返回nil.

type DNSDoneInfo 1.7


type DNSDoneInfo struct {
    // Addrs are the IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses found in the DNS
    // lookup. The contents of the slice should not be mutated.
    Addrs []net.IPAddr

    // Err is any error that occurred during the DNS lookup.
    Err error

    // Coalesced is whether the Addrs were shared with another
    // caller who was doing the same DNS lookup concurrently.
    Coalesced bool

type DNSStartInfo 1.7


type DNSStartInfo struct {
    Host string

type GotConnInfo 1.7


type GotConnInfo struct {
    // Conn is the connection that was obtained. It is owned by
    // the http.Transport and should not be read, written or
    // closed by users of ClientTrace.
    Conn net.Conn

    // Reused is whether this connection has been previously
    // used for another HTTP request.
    Reused bool

    // WasIdle is whether this connection was obtained from an
    // idle pool.
    WasIdle bool

    // IdleTime reports how long the connection was previously
    // idle, if WasIdle is true.
    IdleTime time.Duration

type WroteRequestInfo 1.7


type WroteRequestInfo struct {
    // Err is any error encountered while writing the Request.
    Err error